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Hello again! Since you landed here, on my "About" page.... I have to share with you a little more about me! Disclaimer: I get uncomfortable talking about myself. But, I will because I'd bet somewhere deep inside you there is this little part of you that is also a part of me that really appreciates transparency and openness.

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I'm Melissa Alain Coryell. I'm an October baby of 26 years, and I've been happily married to my best friend, my husband Tony, since September 2017. We met at church, were friends for 9 months before we dated, and my hubby proposed 2 years later just days after I graduated from nursing school (my parents wish) ;)

We love meeting new faces and stringing Christmas lights together. We are both passionate about furthering Gospel truth into the hearts and minds of others.

I understand the feelings and emotions that are associated with loss and grief. My mom passed from cancer one month before my 8th birthday. I know the turmoil anxiety brings with it. I know how it feels to think you're helpless in a sinking sand of emotions and hardships. And what it feels like to experience the lowest of lows. But, I also know that we have the power of the truth in the Word, meaning we never have to stay how we are -- feeling how we are...

I know the power in declaring victory despite the way our circumstances look and feel. And I know what it's like to experience His grace and victory IN the lowest of lows.

It's our choice.

So we had better choose wisely.

I speak more on this on instagram

With that said. I think you can see why I am passionate about helping other women going through loss, grief, broken heardedness, and suffering from the world curse system. Using Biblical wisdom, and formulating it in a practical, relatable, and engaging way using storytelling and devotional-type format, I hope to encourage your heart and challenge your thinking a little bit.

The way we think determines the life we will live.

I choose not to let my lows be in vain. But to make use of them through transparency and sharing what I learned through them. 

Friend! I am looking forward to drinking tons of coffee together and getting to know YOU better!


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